Friday, January 15, 2016

How to get Permanent Driving Licence in Telangana

If anyone wants to apply to Driving Licence ( DL ) for 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler, then he or she need to apply for Learning Licence ( LL ) and after succesfull completion of the test, which is conducted for LL and you will given LL with six months validity.

After completing one month of LL, now you can apply for Permanent DL and in this process you dont approach any broker for this work, because there is no need of any broker for this work.

In the process of applying Permanent DL
1. Firstly you need to book the slot and this can be online or you need to go your near RTO office.

2. In this slot booking you need to select time, date and track area where you want give driving test.
For this you can visit Slot Booking Page and check the details and book according to your convenience.

3. After booking the slot, you will get a receipt and slot booking details copy.

4. What You have to take before going to Testing track 
slot booking receipt, slot details copy, original Learning Licence and Form 4 which is available Testing track and you need to fill the details in this Form 4 and sign in the Signature fields and a Helmet ( Without Helmet you are not allowed for the test ).

Please take light motor bike like Hero Passion bike while going for the driving test to get the driving licence of two wheeler. With this bike can complete the driving test successfully, because it has good turning radius, which other vehicles don't have.

Note : Dont take the heavy bike pulsar 150 cc bike for driving test as there are chances of getting failed in driving test with this bike

5. Finally you need to be one hour before at the Testing track or RTO office than your allotted time and there you have go to New Licence counter of the RTO office to get entry and they will give small green receipts and attach slot booking receipt, slot details copy, original Learning Licence and Form 4 in this sequence and pin them.

6. Outside of the track, there are instructions given for driving test track, Please check and understand them, how to drive in that driving test track.

7. Now you can enter the track with your vehicle wearing Helmet and contact the officials and give your Driving licence application attached with all other receipts to them and they will give your driving test track and you have drive your 2 wheeler without touching your leg to the ground and for four wheeler you dont touch the edges of the test track. After successful completion of your test, you will given a green reciept and stamped as a PASSED. You will get Permanent DL in 15 to 20 days to your home.

8. If you fails in the test, then you have 2 more chances to complete your Permanent DL test.

9. After 7 days or a week, you can go to the Testing Track and take new Form 4 and fill this form and get entry receipts from New Licence counter of that Testing Track. Pinned them and go to give your test.

10. Complete Successfully your driving test and get your Permanent driving licence.

Note: Dont be Panic or Tensed before going to give driving test. Be Confident, As you learned how to drive the 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler by spending one to two months.


Use following Links to book LL and DL slots and know other details about Vehicle registration and get driving licence for 2 and 4 wheeler.

Telangana RTO Website

To Book the Learning Licence Slot

To Check the Driving test Slot Availability 

To Book the Driving Licence Slot

Monday, October 12, 2015

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How to Fill the Income Tax Forms 15G and 15H with Video Tutorial

Hi Guys

Check this video tutorial

How to check Provident Fund (PF) balance

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After opening the website Under

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In next window now enter the details of your location and your PF account details and mobile number.

Now You will receive your PF balance has a SMS.


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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

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